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Introduction to the project

Over recent decades Stapleton Road has been the focus of negative press: David Blunkett identified it as one of the five most dangerous streets in Britain in 2002. In Bristol, Stapleton Road developed a reputation for drugs, prostitution and violence. Not everyone agreed with Blunkett at the time, and since then there has certainly been a lot of improvement. Even so, many people in other parts of Bristol still stay away from the area.

Things weren't always the way they are now on Stapleton Road. It's one of the oldest roads in Bristol and was a major route in and out of the city for centuries. It also used to be one of the major shopping streets in the city and many of the older residents remember how busy it was in its heyday.

The idea for the Stapleton Road Project came from a couple of young people who wanted to get to know the area better. It has given participants, some of whom did not know the street well, the chance to examine their preconceptions of the street and to compare these to what they actually found when they went out to take photographs and talk to residents. The project aims to celebrate the positive side of life on Stapleton Road and to challenge people's negative perceptions by telling them something of the street's history.

Baggator - Young People's Project

Baggator provides programmes of non-formal education, skills training and leisure activities for young people up to 25 years of age. Our programmes aim to inspire those taking part to discover their potential. We believe that young people who have the self-confidence to pursue their ambitions, who know how to find information when they need it and who have the courage of their convictions are most likely to find personal fulfilment and make positive contributions to society at large.

We're based at the Pickle Factory on All Hallow's Road, opposite Iceland.


The project contains these units:

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Photographs of two streets in the 1900s and the present day
An example of a modern day shop front
The railway bridges of Stapleton Road.
The folly on Stapleton Road
The shops of Stapleton Road
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