The barracks block used to stand in Warwick before its demolition in the 1960's. More than 110 soldiers used to serve there. In front of the builing there was a line of lime trees.

The barracks of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment were created in 1877 within the parish, on a site about half a mile to the east of Budbrooke church. A restored St. Michael's church became the battalion church.

There are still some road names in the remaining village that refer to its military past: Montgomery Avenue, Arras Boulevard, Caen Close and Normandy close.

After the demolition of the barracks, the site was redeveloped into Hampton Magna village and the plaque that marks the entrance to the site on Blandford Way is the last remaining acknowledgement sign of the barracks that once stood there.

Observing the place:

Due to modern housing, we were unable to take a photo in the original position. In the second thoto you can see were Andrew sood to take the new photos. The 4 lime trees are still growing strong.

On the third photo Andrew is taking photos of the lime treesand the location of the barrack block. The trees remain but the barrack block has now been replaced with a row of bungalows.