Hillmorton village


The first photo pair shows the cannon which is situated near the High street in Hillmorton village. The same place is easy to find today thanks to the big flowerpot. It remains in the same place as a memorial. There are no signs of the effects of war to be found nowadays.

The bombing of Coventry - "Coventrate"


Coventry was one of the most industrialised areas in Britain during the war. For this reason it was a prime target for Hitler's heavy bombing raids during the Blitz of 1940. 75 % of factories were destroyed and many others were damaged.

The devastation was so great that the word Koventrieren - to "Coventrate", or to annihilate and reduce to rubble - entered the German and English languages.

The Pictures show a situation in which a fireman has come to fight the fires while the city is still being bombed and one of the houses afterwards.

The bunker provided only very simple conditions for living, offering protection from the bombs to those sheltering inside.

Production in war times


War production was continued in shadow factories around the city and further afield.

As shown on the picture, women often worked on weapons production during the war years.