Stapleton Road used to be one of Bristol's major shopping streets. Many of the older residents remember the range of products on the street and how they were able to find everything they needed here without travelling to other parts of town. In fact, many people travelled into the area for the shops, including from as far away as Wales on the train to Stapleton Road station.

You can find a lot of shops of different cultures but we have lost some of the good shops which sell just about what everyone in the community needs.

You could get wall paper, you could get groceries... you could get everything from cheese to sausages.

We had lovely shops but it's all changed now.
At the end of the day, when they didn't have fridges, they sold the meat off cheap.

Coal merchants, shops selling old fashioned shoes, like Doc Martins and black daps, shops selling building materials, Tovey's the fish shop, flower shop.

A walk up Stapleton Road today, however, still shows there to be a wide range of thriving shops. Although some of the traditional shops have been lost you can still buy all the products people mention - and more! The shops cater for a wide range of cultures meaning that you can probably buy goods from more countries here than anywhere else in Bristol. Some of the old shops remain, such as Tovey's the fishmongers, which people travel to from other parts of Bristol. Young people in the group said that Genesis, BRB and fast food were reasons they visited Stapleton Road.

The shops have everything you want.