Stapleton roads glorious cinemas

Stapleton road used to have two cinemas (Majesties and the Concorde) in the 50s; they were the highlight of a person's year. Many hours of joy were had watching old classics like Charlie Chaplin in the 1930s and Bedknobs and Broomsticks in the 1970s.

Sadly in the 70's the cinemas shut down for good. Now they are shops, providing no entertainment to young people who have to travel over a mile into town to go to the cinema.

Memories of the cinemas:

I was courting at the time so I can't remember the films. All I can remember is that my husband and I talked for hours and we were told to ‘be quiet... keep quiet'.

Majesties was only a small little place... You could watch a matinee for three pence... I watched Charlie Chaplin and all those old things.

My fondest memory would be Saturdays, spending all day in the Concorde Cinema. I'd pay £1 and sit there all day... I watched the likes of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks. It was packed, always very busy... It's a shame it ever closed.