All through the centuries Stapleton Road has been a place where people who are new to Bristol have started off their lives ... It's a place of great change.

When people arrive at Stapleton Road station the first thing they see is a mural celebrating Stapleton Road's history, including the different groups of immigrants who have settled here.

As Liz said, it's a place where newcomers have often started their lives, from farm labourers from Gloucestershire in the 18th and 19th century moving to work in the industries here, to the vast range of nationalities represented here today. Groups that have made a particular impact in the area are the Asian, Caribbean and Somali communities. Some of the people we interviewed said that the population had changed so much from when they were young that they no longer felt at home. Others said that relations between the different groups had improved so much that everyone felt they could ‘walk around freely and... know their rights'. Walking along Stapleton Road the shop fronts and cafes you see are testimony to the range of ethnic groups living in the area..