Division and Regeneration


In 1973, shortly after the M32 was built alongside it, Stapleton Road was split in two by the dual carriageway. The people we interviewed all agreed that this was damaging to the street, destroying some areas and dividing the community. The M32 also damaged the street as it meant fewer people came across from neighbouring areas to do their shopping on Stapleton Road.

I could never understand how they were going to chop it up into two pieces. We never had the M32 going through like they do today... It was a complete road.

Easton was ‘chopped it in two, that was a really bad thing, it just chopped the community in half.
M32 ‘chopped Easton off from St Pauls and St Werburghs... People used to come across to do their shopping... I look on it as a very rude motorway'.

A lot of the houses got pulled down. There were a lot of public houses in nice little courts. There used to be the Paddock, Foxes Terraces, Waterloo Terrace...


There are now several organisations working on regenerating Stapleton Road and Easton. BEST (Bristol East Side Traders) has been providing support to businesses since 1999. Love Easton (Easton Community Partnership) is a group led by residents improving the local environment and facilities. Love Easton. The Stapleton Road street fair, now in its fourth year, celebrates what's been going on in Easton each year. Easton Residents Network's notice boards keep residents informed of other events throughout the year.