Fields to Tower Blocks

Living Easton has a collection of old maps, some dating back to the 17th century. By comparing the maps, we can see how Stapleton Road develops.

The first map shows the lower end of Stapleton Road in the 17th century. Lawford's Gate, where Bristol's city wall used to be is clearly visible, with Stapleton Road falling outside the city walls. What we now know as ‘Stapleton Road' is marked on the map as ‘Glocester Road' and is heading into the fields. The River Frome is visible alongside.

In the second map, from the late 19th century, there are no longer any fields visible, although the River Frome is still winding along parallel to the road. The railway line is also marked on this map.

The third map shows the area around Stapleton Road before the motorway and dual carriageway were built. The Bristol Rovers ground, which is now Ikea, is marked. The River Frome is still visible, but appears much smaller and more cramped by streets.

The fourth map shows Stapleton Road as it is today. The M32 motorway has been built and the River Frome is invisible on this section of the road as it has been channelled underground.