Before Trädgårdstorget, The Garden Square, was called Trädgårdstorget it was called Köttorget, The Meat Square. Every Saturday meat was sold there. When you no longer were allowed to sell meat, because it had to be frozen, Köttorget was renamed Trädgårdstorget. The markets of Trädgårdstorget existed in 1942, but probably they were there even earlier, already in the early 20th century.

The markets of Trädgårdstorget were there every Saturday from six am until 4 pm. The salesmen had given placed with a special number where they stood at every market. The market was there the year round, but there were more people in the summer than in the winter.

At the markets you could buy vegetables, flowers and garden supplies. You could walk around and talk to the salesmen about the prizes and the products to make sure you bought the best product at the cheapest prize.

The markets are still there, but not as much as before. Now there’s just a few stalls every now and then.At Christmas, Easter and other feasts there usually are more salesmen. I believe the shops and malls have taken over. Markets feel too old-fashion and odd in today’s society. Shops feels more modern, which makes people buy things there. In a few years there might be no markets left, because more and more people shop in malls instead.