The junction has been an important link in the regional and national canal network for 200 years. The first junction was made in 1803.

The junction is formed by the meeting of the Coventry and Oxford Canals and it is known locally together with the area around as Sutton Stop. In the early days of the two canals there were no buildings but by the 1830's the engine house and toll offices of both companies, and what is now the Greyhound Inn, were all in use.

Today the boat traffic is almost entirely made up of leisure craft but the junctions reason for being was commerce.

After the second world war the commercial traffic declined to a mere trickle and indeed, it was only the upsurge of boating-for-please on canals that saved local canals from extinction. The cast iron bridge was cast in Derby and was errected for the Coventry Canal company in 1837 at a cost £630.

Image courtesy of ‘A Canal People' by Sonia Rolt, The History Press