The Nelson Mills were built in 1837 to manufacture gelatin and isinglass. The last of these factories on the canal side were demolished in the 1960s.

Whole regions of the UK such as the Staffordshire Potteries and the Midlands Black Country were developed and became wealthy because of their canals.
The construction of the Grand Union improved communication and lowered the proce of raw materials which led to a significant increase in industry in Warwick. Several factories that were built backed directly onto the canal such as the gelatine factory on Wharf Street shown here.

The factory units that escaped demolition are now used for much different smaller, local enterprises, with no transport requirement on the nearby canal. Today this strech of the canal is frequented by pleasure boats, dog-walkers, men fishing and by walkers or path users.

Image courtesy of Warwickshire County Records Office ref: 'PH, 352/187/360, img: 3231 (3/2963)'