Barge transporting goods in front of the Cape of Good Hope Pub, 1910-1919. The pub was built in the early 1800’s only a year after the opening of the Grand Union Canal.

The development of British industry relied on transport links. The roads of the time wouldn't allow the transportation of large quantities of heavy goods needed to fuel industry. Industrialists who owned the factories needed cheap transport for the sales of their goods and to bring in raw materials for manufactoring. The construction of the canals was paid for by these merchants.

The Grand Union Canal links London through the Chilterns with Birmingham. It is the longest single canal in Britain at 137 miles.

In the early 1900's the canal was primarily used to transport goods between London and Birmingham. Today the canal is used for recreational use. The shape and colour of canal boats have changed alot over this time, now they display lots of colours, patterns and have much more living space.


Image courtesy of Warwickshire County Records Office ref: 'CR, 2902/81, img: 10269 (3/9370)'