April 1937 Carr Lane County School took in ages 5 to 14 and was a co-educational elementary school. In 1944 Carr Lane County Secondary School was opened as the school was divided into a primary and secondary school. 1947 saw the beginning of the Grammar bi-lateral experiment and the first sixth forms opened in the 1950's. From 1955-1968 the Head teacher was a Mr. Hill. In 1967 under Mr. Hill the 11-18 Comprehensive School opened. The statue we see at the front of the school (Harold Gosney) was put up during this period. From 1968 to 1983 the head teacher was a Mr. Ashmorsi. In 1990 Havelock became an 11-16 school.


School blazers and a maroon cap had to worn. There was a prefect at gate in mornings to check if you where late and you were wearing your cap. The head and some other teachers still wore a black cape. During this time the head teacher was Mr. Hill and the deputy head was Mr. Dobson.