The School when opened, was divided into a junior department for pupils from five to eleven years of age and a senior department for pupils aged eleven to fourteen years of age. The School provided for 360 pupils in the senior department and a similar number in the junior section. Most of the pupils came from the existing, but already overcrowded Harold Street and Welholme Road Schools.

The Senior School comprised eight classrooms, together with rooms for Domestic Science and boys’ handicrafts and a Science Laboratory. The Junior School was similar to the Senior with the exception that there were not Domestic Science or handicraft rooms.  

The school also had two assembly halls, one designed for use by the Senior School and the other by the Junior department. There were also large playgrounds, covered cycles sheds and one area of the ground was reserved for the school gardens.



In 1934 the school was opened and the headmaster was Mr. Taylor the school was a co-educational elementary school. Alderman Curry opened the school with a golden key on Wednesday afternoon. It cost £ 31,000 to open the school. School still looks the same as 1937-2011. They used to have Blackboards but now we have Whiteboards and Interactive boards, the lights have changed tables are the same but the side bench has changed.

This is the opening of Carr Lane with Alderman J.H. Curry unveiling a tablet to commemorate the event. Left to right: the town clerk Councillor J.W. Jackson, Alderman A.C. Beeson, Alderman A.J. Knott, Chairman of the education committee Alderman Curry and Councillor I. Abrahams.