The Head teacher, I remember was Mr Taylor, who had a limp – due to a war Injury, I believe. The staff I recall are Mr Dobson, Miss Pearson (Needlework and Arithmetic), Miss Lane (English) Mr Beales (Art – he later became Head of Yarbourgh Junior Boys), Miss Bunker (Cookery), Mr Dixon ( who took the School Choir), and Mr Sunley.

We were ‘sorted out’ very roughly to begin with, and I recall a series of tests in Maths and English which led to my being changed class three times.

The School obviously took a time to be thoroughly organized , and I can’t recollect a great deal of work being done in those early days. However I do remember a poetry competition organized by Miss Lane, with a first prize of sixpence. She was unable to decide on a winner , so three of us had twopence each!

 I can also remember being taken with a friend (Margaret Garrett of Holyoake Road) to buy fruit from Freeman Street Market. The cookery teacher took us on the bus – I don’t remember any teacher having a car in those days. If I remember rightly, the outcome of the trip was rhubarb and ginger jam.